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9AAO (Croatian Amateur radio Astronomical Observatories) program is the effort to promote the radioamateur activity from astronomical observatories in Croatia. 9AAO program is the part of WAO program and WSP program (World Space Program). Croatian 9AAO program was founded in 2011. by Boris, 9A2GA, coordinator for Croatia and it is one of several programs managed by Radioclub "Hrvatska Flora Fauna" 9A1WFF.

The currently valid list of croatian observatories can be find in 9AAO directory http://9aao.9a1wff.eu/ReferencesList . 9AAO directory is not final closed number of references and new croatian observatories can be added after the approvement from WAO coordinator for Croatia.

In 9AAO directory can be found also two historical observatories, Manora and Blaca.This two observatories had very important rule in croatian astronomy progress.. During the year 1894 on Isle Mali Lošinj was opened the observatory Manora (Sternwarte), and the observations from it took place till 1909. After that the telescope passed to new owner don Nikola Miličević, franciscan, astronomer and last guardian of monastery Pustinja Blaca on the isle of Braču, where the telescope and astronomical books are conservated. Becaiuse of this very important events, this two observatories are added on 9AAO directory with status historical site.

The first astronomical observatory in Croatia was K. und K. Marinesternwarte opened in Pula, 1869. as part of Royal Navy. More popular observatory was Observatory Zagreb opened 5. december 1903. by Mr. Oton Kučera, its first director. During the opening ceremony Mr. Kučera said: «our observatory has two important goals: 1. with the telescope and other astronomical instruments, together with its staff, it has to improve the scientifical progress and 2. it has to open the possibility to show to croatian young people the results of the most beautiful, highest and most advance science: ASTRONOMY. It has to become the center of interest in science for croatian nation».

With 9AAO program and radioamateur signals we have the possibility to promote the presence of croatian astronomical observatories and croatian astronomers around the world. The 9AAO directory was made following the rules of WAO but it was very difficult as the most of the observatories are not only observatories as they have also some other functions as educational centers, ... etc. The astronomical observatories that are in personal ownership can not be added in 9AAO directory. In collaboration with WAO at the begginig there were 12 astronomical observatories in 9AAO directory, valid for 9AAO and WAO award programs.

The 9AAO is not closed for new entries. The proposal for adding the croatian astronomical observatory on the list can be send to WAO coordinator for Croatia, Boris 9A2GA together with requested documentation for registration. It will be added after the approvement in collaboration with WAO managment.

9AAO Program is one of the programs managed by Radioclub 9A1WFF (Croatian flora fauna).

9AAO management:

WAO-9A coordinator & 9AAO Program Manager:
Boris Lanča, 9A2GA, e-mail borislanca@gmail.com
9AFF & 9AAO Award Manager:
Franjo Matičić, 9A2MF, e-mail 9a2mf@hamradio.hr